Paris 1909 TripAdvisor

Paris 1909

There is not a city in the world where pleasures are more numerous and varied than in Paris. Everything here is a diversion, an amusement, an enchantement. 
As you loiter about the streets, on the boulevards and public places, along the quays of the Seine, such pretty and picturesque scenes there are, so many living pictures! It is the preeminently artistic city where the keenest curiosity, surprises and emotions are constantly renewed. 
But, in order to know such a city as Paris throughout his minutest recesses, one must be guided. This is why we have endeavored to acquaint foreigners with what is termed Parisian life. 
 We provide the golden key that opens Parisian edens, and one will know which doors must not be passed! Our experience as an old Parisian will serve to regulate and protect the progress of such as venture into the mazes of Paris. 
Experience means science!

Pleasure Guide to Paris (1909, 1925)